The Fruity Truth About Fructose!

Date: Nov 28, 2012     By: Genesis Fitness    health
An apple a day keeps the doctor away…or maybe not. Is this one of those rules we all knew when we were a kid that no longer holds true? Kind of like: “ i before e except after c”; too many exceptions to that so it was finally scrapped. Well, maybe it is time to scrap the apple as well. If you haven’t already heard, fructose is catching a bad rap.

Question & Answer time...

Date: Nov 27, 2012     By: Genesis Fitness    Fitness, health
Question: “I don’t get to sleep until late, and have to get up early most mornings. Will this affect my results from training?”

Group Fitness

Date: Oct 01, 2012     By: Genesis Fitness    Fitness
Stay Motivated with a Group Fitness Class!

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Date: Sep 30, 2012     By: Genesis Fitness    Fitness
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