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Four tips to boost your training

Date: Aug 27, 2020     By: Genesis Fitness   
Through a little preperation, we can get the mind and body set up before a workout, allowing us to put in an extra 10 per cent effort each and every time. To get started with your preperation, try these four tips.

Understanding Nutrition

Date: Aug 25, 2020     By: Genesis Fitness   
At Genesis, our approach to nutrition is all about enjoying a wide variety of natural foods, or as close to, to ensure you’re not starving your body of any key nutrients. These natural foods should include a mix of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The benefits of each and how to add them to your diet are explained here.

Progressing your Workouts to Achieve your Goals

Date: Aug 14, 2020     By: Genesis Fitness   
One of the best ways to get results is to follow a progressive program! So, what is a progressive workout program? A progressive workout is when you incrementally increase the frequency or difficulty of your workout each week, to gradually build your fitness, strength or exercise performance!

Not So Naughty Nachos Recipe

Date: Aug 07, 2020     By: Genesis Fitness   
Nachos are the perfect mix of crunchy, gooey and saucy, flawlessly complementing the flavor of every bite. If you are a nachos fan, this healthy version of the family favourite is for you!


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