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Midlife mobility mindfulness – strengthen and stretch!

Date: Aug 23, 2023     By: Genesis Fitness    Fitness, health, wellness
If you’re in or approaching midlife, you may be starting to look to the future and realise that you want to stay fit and strong as you age. We agree: healthy ageing is important! This blog explores how vitality and longevity are achievable when you plan for success and add strength and stretching to your workouts. Learn the physical health guidelines for adults in Australia and get tips on the benefits of strength training and a consistent stretching regime for a fitter, stronger you at every stage of life.

Six Tips To Restore Calm And Balance In Your Life

Date: Apr 30, 2020     By: Genesis Fitness    wellness
Do you ever feel a little overwhelmed with life sometimes? Right now, it may be that we are in a time of uncertainty, our daily routines are muddled, and we often find ourselves not knowing what to do next. We get it!


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