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Looking for a gym in Townsville?

Find a gym close to your home or workplace with Genesis Health + Fitness gym located in Townsville in Queensland, we’re dedicated to your health and fitness needs.
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Genesis Health and Fitness – Inspirational Gym in Townsville

Whether you are a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, a busy parent who needs some ‘me’ time or someone that is recovering from an injury, finding a gym in Townsville that is knowledgeable enough to help you reach your goals while being inclusive enough to make you feel welcome is no easy task.

You want access to the latest equipment, machines, and technology. You need a team that of friendly experts who know how to push you to reach your goals. You want fun, engaging Group Fitness classes in Townsville. Showers and changing rooms are a given. There is, of course, only one place you can find all that. A true fitness community, Genesis Health and Fitness is so much more than just a gym in Townsville, and we want to help you reach your goals, no matter what they are.

Our first studio was opened in Ringwood, Victoria back in 1997, but it is where the Genesis Health and Fitness story began, offering everything that you could need to make a success story out of your fitness journey. Now, we are one of Australia’s premier fitness organisations, supporting people just like you to reach their health, fitness, and wellness goals.

Townsville Gyms Offering Yoga, Personal Training, Group Fitness & More

The speciality of Genesis Health and Fitness is that we make your health, fitness, and wellbeing our main priority. That means we are here with you, every step of the way to help you discover the best method of reaching your goals – no matter what they are. Each fitness solution is unique – and our friendly, passionate, and accredited personal trainers and coaches are full of knowledge and ideas to help create you the perfect program.

There is a range of options that might be suitable for you, and as part of your membership, you will have the opportunity to have a coach create a workout plan based on your current situation, what you enjoy doing, and where you want to be. With clearly defined short-term goals and regular check-ins to make sure you are on track; you can feel supported every step of the way.

If you enjoy the camaraderie and community offered by group fitness in Townsville, then our continually refreshed offering of classes that are fun and engaging might be for you. Everything from Les Mills to yoga in Townsville is on offer – and you can take part in unlimited 30-60-minute classes as part of your membership.

Start Your Journey at One of Our Gyms in Townsville

Personal Training in Townsville is not just for elite athletes or those that can ‘afford’ it – we have specialist trainers who have extensive knowledge in different areas that can help you achieve your goals, faster. Whether you are looking for functional training or rehabilitation after an injury, want to fire up your weight loss or work on strength, our personal training sessions offer you the opportunity to get tips, tricks and techniques through a training routine designed just for you – and with 100% of the trainer's attention on you. For those that are just starting on their journey, this means less likelihood of injury thanks to supervision and instruction, and for the regular gym bunny, it is the extra motivation that can make all the difference.

Of course, most of our gyms have 24-hour access, 7 days a week and the latest in equipment including weight machines, cardio area, and places to concentrate on abs and stretching. This means that you can choose when you work out, to make sure that your fitness plans fit in with your lifestyle.

Find your fitness home with Genesis Health and Fitness – more than just a gym in Townsville. Register for a free trial pass today and find out how we can help you!
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Our gyms are located in convenient location, so let us help you find the closest:


Our Townsville gyms offer you everything you need to get fit, including weights, cardio machines and group fitness classes. Plus, all our gyms across Townsville provide personal training sessions for a tailored fitness solution.

Our gyms offer a range of great classes, including:

•Body Attack
• Body Pump
• Zumba
• Pilates
• Yoga
• Boxing
• Grit

To try out your nearest Townsville gym simply fill out the free trial form to get started today!

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