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Why Genesis?

We all have our own definition of fitness and health, it's a personal thing. At Genesis, we know that one size definitely doesn't fit everyone - it's all about your goals at your pace.

Get started in the right way when you join Genesis including FREE Fitness Consultation, FREE Introductory Personal Training Session plus more!

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Genesis Health & Fitness – The Number One Australian Gym

If you are looking for a gym that is more than just ‘muscles and mirrors’, then you need to experience the difference of Genesis Health & Fitness. An Australian gym that is about you and your goals – whether you are interested in attaining strength, achieving a personal best, losing weight, or improving your personal wellness.

Genesis Health & Fitness started as an Australian gym club when the first one opened in Ringwood, Victoria in 1997. Since then, Genesis has grown into an Australian health and fitness club that is now in 42 locations (and counting). We have created a workout space that is positive and uplifting, inclusive and empowering – so we are not just a gym, we are a genuine fitness community.

If you are looking for a 100% Australian owned fitness club that is dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, then you need to visit Genesis Health & Fitness.

We also offer a number of gym franchises for sale in Australia.

What Are Your Fitness Goals?

We offer a unique fitness solution that is tailored to what you want to achieve. When you come to our Australian gym club, we will begin by offering you a FREE Fitness Solutions Fitness Consultation, where we can really get to know what your goals are and how you want to achieve them.

There are so many options available to get you where you want to be in terms of health and fitness – whether that is getting a PB, improving your general health, or competing at the top of your sphere – and in our Australian health club, we can get you there with inspiring, encouraging and empowering assistance from our well-trained personal trainers and coaches.

Our specialist Personal Trainers give you 1-to-1 access to a fitness guru that can help you with techniques, tips, and tricks to get you to your goals, fast. With 100% of the trainer’s attention on you throughout your sessions, you can work out safely on training routines designed just for you.

If you prefer to work out with others, we also offer small group personal training – a little less pressure to perform, support from like-minded clients, and a foundation of friendship to help you achieve.

Of course, with 24 hour access, 7 days a week, Genesis Health & Fitness members can come and workout at times that work for them – but throughout the day we offer a number of Group Fitness classes that offer 30-60 minutes of fun, engaging and result-focused motivation. These classes are constantly refreshed and offered FREE as part of a membership.

Throughout your membership at the premier Australian health and fitness club, you will have a training plan set up, with reviews every 12 weeks as well as regular fitness tests to make sure that you are on the right track to achieve your goals. With unlimited group exercise classes included, and Personal Training available (at an extra cost), you have our complete support no matter what you want to achieve.

Want to Try Our Club?

If you are still not sure if Genesis Health & Fitness is for you, then why not come and enjoy a free pass and try us out.

We will give you a Free consultation, an introductory Personal Training Session, a free small group personal training session, as well as a free Group Exercise class. You will experience why we are not like any other Australian gym that you have ever been to before – and why we support more than 130,000 people in Australia to reach their health and fitness goals.

There is a Genesis Health & Fitness Club near you – we cannot wait to help you achieve your goals!
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Hear what our members are saying about Genesis Health + Fitness

Alex Testimonial - Genesis Health and Fitness

Alex’s favourite thing about being a member is the training variety in-club. She’s achieved great results from mixing it up between strength and cardio training. "I'm a completely different person and I feel great" - Alex

Cathie Testimonial - Genesis Health and Fitness

Cathie owes much of her success to the supportive and professional coaches who helped her on her fitness journey. "I achieved my great results through coming regularly, working hard, and maintaining my diet through advice from the trainer" - Cathie

Emily Testimonial - Genesis Health and Fitness

Emily’s favourite thing about Genesis is the friendly atmosphere whenever she walks into the club. She's always motivated to train with her new gym buddies and loves being greeted with smiling faces before her workout. "I feel like I've made a lot of friends here" - Emily

Sunny Testimonial - Genesis Health and Fitness

Sunny has lost 9 kilos in 8 weeks, and isn’t stopping there! With Genesis, he hopes to learn more about health, better eating, and focusing on wellness. "Next year I want to bring my weight down to 80kg". - Sunny