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Group Fitness Classes

(10-40 Participants)

Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes are a perfect way to de-stress, relax and just focus on you.

Whether your goals are to improve flexibility, develop a stronger core, increase stability and enhance posture, or reduce back and other postural problems, Group Fitness is a fun and engaging way to workout for wellness and their a range of low-impact options as well as more intense classes, depending what you’re in the mood for.

Group Fitness is a great way to boost your regular training because:

  • We regularly update classes on offer to ensure they stay fresh, making your workout interesting and fun!
  • They really suit every one! Classes are designed to incorporate and appeal to all fitness levels, with options to scale up or down during the workout so you are comfortable or challenged.
  • Meet new friends! The gym is full of like-minded members, a place where health and wellness is the common goal, so come along and say “hi”!
  • It can help lift and energise your workout mentality with the team motivation!

Find your inner-balance with these wellness classes:

  • Body Balance
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Sh’bam
  • Zumba

Group Fitness tips and hints:

  • Hydration is as important to your body as wearing clothes when you work out, so please always bring a drink bottle to keep your body in peak condition
  • We love and expect sweat, it’s a welcome sign of working out your body but please bring a small towel to help us keep it clean and hygienic
  • Remember, the classes are there to help you reach your fitness goals - you do not need to already be fit to attend!
  • It’s no fun being left behind or being bored with a class, which is why we offer a good range – so be comfortable or challenged and book in for a class that suits your fitness levels and goals
  • If it’s your first class, don’t be embarrassed to let our trainers know, they’re always up for meeting a new friend and can make sure you have the best experience possible. There’s no shame in not knowing a new move – we’re here to help!
  • If you didn’t love the class, we’d encourage you to try it a couple more times because while all classes are designed to be engaging and easy to follow, some may have steps or simple routines that take a little getting used to.
  • Get amongst it and try as many classes as possible so you can find out which ones you enjoy the most!

Try out Group Fitness Training for free!

The fastest way to your fitness solution is to figure out what it looks like and it’s easier to do that when it’s free – so when you sign up with Genesis you can trial all our different levels of assistance at no cost (Group Classes, Small Group Personal Training and Personal Training).

Take a tour of your local club and meet with a Genesis Fitness Consultant who can chat through your goals to find the right Fitness Solution.

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