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Looking for a Gym in Carlton?

Working with a personal trainer can have benefits that you didn’t expect. At Genesis Health and Fitness, we have expert trainers that are motivational, friendly and have the skills to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up, attain strength, sports specific training or just improve your overall fitness, we are the gym near Carlton for you. We work with you to uncover your likes, dislikes and end goal to generate training and nutritional plans that fit in with your lifestyle.

Offering 1 on 1 or small group personal training sessions, we cater to all ages, all abilities and all preferences. Want some individual attention? We have you covered. Prefer training with a friend or in a small group? We have to covered there too. Speak to our team to discover how we can best accommodate your requirements.
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Personal Training Can Provide Multiple Benefits

Aside from the somewhat obvious benefit of helping you achieve your goals, there are many more advantages to choosing our personal training. These include:


It is inevitable that during your sessions, you will gain a deeper understanding of what muscles are being targeted, the benefits of each exercise and ultimately new ways to workout. Our trainers have invaluable knowledge from years of experience so utilise them the best way possible. They are always keen to share their expertise!

Correction of Form

When training independently it can be hard to ensure you are achieving optimum form through every exercise. You may not be achieving your goals because of minor flaws in your form. Our trainers will spot these flaws and correct them so you can get the most out of your workouts.

Optimisation of Time

Time is precious so it is important to ensure you are spending your time in the gym in the most effective way possible. It is easy to waste time by not working out for long enough, doing ineffective workouts and damage your progress by missing workouts. With the guidance from our personal trainers, these will never be an issue.

Boost in Confidence

Whether you are a beginner or more experienced in the gym, everyone appreciates a helping hand to keep you on the right path and teach you how to best use each piece of equipment. Personal training gives you a confidence boost that can be utilised in other aspects of your training too.

Discover Our Other Fantastic Facilities

For those visits when you do not have a personal training session booked, take advantage of our other facilities. Providing a range of group fitness such as Zumba, circuit training and yoga, Carlton residents can enjoy the social, fun and motivating atmosphere of our classes.

If you prefer to put some of your newly learned knowledge into action between sessions, discover our state-of-the-art functional training zone and modern equipment such as free weights, weights machines and cardio machines.

Book Your 5 Day Free Pass Online Today!

With our Melbourne gyms located just a short drive away, it has never been easier to train. Speak to our experts about personal training or check out our timetable for group fitness near Carlton online today.
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