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Genesis Health and Fitness Kelmscott is conveniently located, only a short drive from Gosnells.










Why Our Members Love Us

Alex’s favourite thing about being a member is the training variety in-club. She’s achieved great results from mixing it up between strength and cardio training. "I'm a completely different person and I feel great" - Alex

Cathie owes much of her success to the supportive and professional coaches who helped her on her fitness journey. "I achieved my great results through coming regularly, working hard, and maintaining my diet through advice from the trainer" - Cathie

Sunny has lost 9 kilos in 8 weeks, and isn’t stopping there! With Genesis, he hopes to learn more about health, better eating, and focusing on wellness. "Next year I want to bring my weight down to 80kg". - Sunny


Try your local Genesis Health + Fitness today with a free trial. Or dive right in with one of our many gym membership options, including group fitness classes and personal training.


Find a group fitness class at your local Genesis Health + Fitness club.



Kelmscott - WA

2948 Albany Highway Kelmscott

08 9390 4900

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Open 24/7


Mon: 9am – 8pm

Tue: 9am – 8pm

Wed: 9am – 8pm

Thu: 9am – 7pm

Fri: 9am – 5pm

Sat: 8am – 2pm

Sun: Unstaffed

Public Holidays: Unstaffed


On Albany Highway near Hogs Breath Café & Baskin Robbins


Plenty of FREE parking at the front of the building


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Looking for the Perfect Gym in Gosnells?

If you are thinking about joining a new gym in Gosnells, you need to see what Genesis Health and Fitness Kelmscott can offer you.

Genesis Health and Fitness have been creating fitness communities since we first opened a studio on Ringwood, Victoria back in 1997. Times and technology might have changed since then, but we have grown and developed to create a unique gym experience. We are not your mainstream muscles and mirrors studio that only welcomes body builders – we are open, inviting and encouraging to all our members, whether they are elite athletes or weekend warriors. This is why we are a household name in fitness, and why 130,000 Australians just like you have chosen Genesis Health and Fitness to be their partner through this journey to improved health, fitness, and wellbeing.

If you are ready to start your own personal journey, then trust Genesis Health and Fitness gym in Kelmscott to be your gym in Gosnells.
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What to Expect as a Member.

If you want the inside scoop on being a member at Genesis Health and Fitness, then you can come and see us for a free trial – there is nothing like experiencing the daily greatness on offer behind our doors!

All our members have access to our facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that you can work out when it suits you best – whether that is during the day, or in the middle of the night. At the start of your membership, we will learn all we can about you – your current fitness level, any issues that you might have with exercise, your preferred way of working out, and what your goals are. Our passionate and accredited coaches will then devise a personalised training plan that will get you there – fast. The training plan might include:

  • Group Fitness for Gosnells: This is something that many of our members make the most of – and with unlimited classes available as part of your membership you can too. Classes are available throughout the day and evening, and we are confident that you will find something that speaks to you in our convenient timetable.

  • Personal Training for Gosnells: Personal training isn’t just for film stars – in fact, it is an incredibly useful way to achieve your goals faster, under the undivided attention of a specialised personal trainer. Tips, tricks, and techniques to help you work to your fullest, along with nutritional and lifestyle advice that will supercharge your workouts.

  • Yoga in Gosnells: Yoga is not just the Zen practice of balance and breathing – it is a great addition to any workout routine to provide some much-needed mindfulness and grounding. We are proud of our yoga classes, and our members appreciate the space and time to find themselves in a busy schedule.

  • Cardio and Weights: With our extensive space for cardio and weights, you can take advantage of the latest innovations in exercise equipment in a safe way. Your workout plan can include circuits based entirely on our machines if that is something that we feel will be beneficial.

Once we have devised your plan, you can put it in motion as you see fit – but we don’t just leave it like that. We provide regular fitness tests and reviews of your plan to see if we need to update or add anything – your plan evolves with you as you become fitter and stronger.

Convenient Location

All this is only useful to you if it is convenient – with the best will in the world, developing a new fitness habit is much easier if you don’t have to work too hard to take part. Genesis Health and Fitness is conveniently located just 8 minutes’ drive away, just near Baskin Robbins on the Albany Highway. Choose Genesis Health and Fitness as your perfect gym for Gosnells today and get started on your journey to health and wellbeing.
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