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Gyms For Sale Gold Coast


Go for Gold with a Gym Franchise on the Gold Coast

Our franchises are the lifeblood of our company and what pumps our community spirit around Australia. If you’re an exercise, fitness or active lifestyle advocate, we’d love to have you on board. We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve been doing for over twenty years now. We adore it so much that we want to share it and continue to grow so that we can reach more people.

So, we’re calling on all corporate connoisseurs, fitness fanatics and gym gurus to join our ever-expanding team and bring the magic of Genesis Health& Fitness to your locality!
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Make Your Passion Your Business

Do you constantly find yourself searching for gyms for sale on the Gold Coast? Are you desperate to open your very own fitness haven? But you just simply have no idea where to start or how to get into this endeavour?

Well here at Genesis Health& Fitness, this is our speciality. We’re a club that creates goals that are reachable, relatable and realisable. You’ll be entering into a whole support grid with regional groundwork routes and a head office that is always on hand to help.

We’re always evolving and developing too, paying attention to what the public wants and adjusting our frameworks accordingly. That’s why we offer a range of classes, services and group sizes. From yoga to weights, cardio, swimming, cycling and dancing. Personal training, coach zones, group training and nutrition. Our service is complete, diverse and all encompassing. We welcome everyone and our doors are open 24/7.

We want to offer a slice of our business to locals because we believe in the power of sharing, empowerment and encouragement. Essentially, our vision is that we are all a fraction of a greater whole. We work towards a common goal under one banner but in our own unique ways. That’s what makes us so stand out.

There’s a Gold Coast Gym for Sale Just For You

Come and get involved in one of Australia’s largest fitness chains so that you can change your life. You really will have the best of both worlds, getting a business to call your own but with a premium club name to boot.

You’ll be able to deck out your gym with top of the range equipment, employ trained professionals, run a plethora of classes and sessions and help people to achieve. Best of all you’d be running a business that promotes healthy living, a much-needed pillar in our society.

You’ll have that feel-good factor knowing you’re doing something fantastic with your capital, investing it in an industry that will never go out of fashion or into ruin.

What makes it better is that there are people who will be constantly there with you, to support and nurture you.

Why not give us a call for more details? You can explain your particulars and we’ll talk you through the procedure. Enquiring alone gets you a free starter booklet! So, what are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose but maybe a whole new, enthralling career change to gain?
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