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Looking for a Gym for Sale in Hobart?

If you’re looking at this, then there’s a good chance you’re seeking gym franchise opportunities in Hobart. Many people are full of entrepreneurial spirit and want to weigh up the difference between starting their own business and buying into a franchise. Let’s look at some of the benefits that Genesis Health & Fitness franchises offer over a start-up, particularly for people who are new to the world of business.
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Just what are the benefits of starting a gym franchise in Hobart?

While there are many get-rich-quick influencers making it seem like starting a business is a breeze, it comes with difficulties. One of the reasons that franchises are always popular is that it allows potential entrepreneurs to side-step a lot of the pitfalls and reduce some of the risks. If you were looking in Hobart for a gym for sale, you’d have to start from scratch whereas with a franchise you’d have all the support you need. According to the International Franchise Association 92% of franchises are still open five years after opening, compared to only 20% of small businesses.

One of the hardest things about starting a new fitness business is putting your name in people’s heads so that you’re the first place they call when they’re looking for a new gym. According to an agency called Failory, a survey of failed small businesses found that 22% blamed marketing problems for their closure. So, if you bought one of the many gyms for sale in Hobart, you’d have to spend large amounts of time and money to make sure people knew who you were. However, with afranchise, there’s the potential to side-step this altogether because you’ve already got the massive brand recognition of the parent company and a team ready to help you with marketing.

Wanting to buy a gym in Hobart?

Any gym franchise in Hobart would also enjoy our full support with business administration, and we offer lots of tried and tested methods to reach success in the fitness industry. We can help with internal finance, insurance, proven marketing methods and finding trusted suppliers, which can really help ease those difficult choices. The Bradley foundation conducted a survey and found that government regulation affects small businesses disproportionately, probably due to difficulty adapting to changes. With franchise support, we can help you keep ahead of the red tape so you can spend more time thinking about your members and less time with paperwork.

So, in short, franchises can be a good deal for people with high aspirations but still want the security of a tested approach to business. Not only that, but they offer instant brand recognition compared to starting a new business and slowly building a reputation.

Why choose Genesis?

Genesis Health & Fitness have been in the leisure industry across Tasmania for over 20 years and we now have over 100 franchise locations nationwide that we’ve nurtured and helped find success. Genesis is part of Belgravia Group and together we’ve built large brands including Coaching Zone Group Personal Training, Ninja Parc Indoor Obstacle Course, JUMP! Swim Schools and BK’s Gym and Swim.

We have a number of company-owned gym locations, as well as franchise and joint-venture opportunities, so if you partner up with us, we’ll have an active stake in your success. We’re constantly improving what we do in the gyms that we own and passing those insights onto our franchisees.

To find out more, why not visit our website and download our free franchise eBooklet. Alternatively, get in touch via phone or email today to find out exactly what a Genesis franchise can offer.
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