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Genesis Health and Fitness Thornton is conveniently located, only a short drive from Morpeth.










Genesis Health and Fitness Thornton Gym is conveniently located for gym users in Thornton, Morpeth, Chisholm, Four Mile Creek, Metford, Raymond Terrace, Tomago, Ashtonfield, Woodberry and Beresfield.

At Genesis, we’re all about creating healthy, active communities - and our new Genesis Health + Fitness Thornton site will be one that ticks all the boxes – that’s a big yes to all fitness abilities and styles of training.


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7 Poynton Place Thornton

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The Gym for Everyone near Morpeth

Many of us know the benefits of regular exercise, and now finding the right gym near Morpeth has never been easier with Genesis Health and Fitness. Located just an eight-minute drive away from Morpeth, with Genesis Health and Fitness in Thornton, you can have access to excellent facilities and enjoy the warm and welcoming environment of our gym.

Our club has plenty of facilities to keep you occupied, and there is a lot to try out to keep your interest. We have over 50 different weekly group fitness classes near Morpeth, as well as a fantastic gym area. Why not come along and see what we can do for you?
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Gym Open Near Morpeth for You When You Need Us

It can be frustrating when you want to get fit, but your gym does not cater to your schedule. At Genesis Health and Fitness, that never needs to be a problem. Our gym is open 24/7, so whatever time you decide to work out, we will be here for you.

If you have children, you can take advantage of our childcare facilities at Genesis Health and Fitness in Thornton, and you can know your children are being taken care of while you take care of yourself. Our childcare facilities are open throughout the week, except Sundays. For the latest opening times, please see the Thornton website.

Genesis Health and Fitness is perfect for your whole family. Your kids can also come along and enjoy their fitness journey with our Fit Kidz and Zumba® Kidz classes. Getting into the routine of regular exercise when they are young creates healthy habits for the future.

For our adult members, we have a large range of classes on offer, and, as such, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. Why not take part in a yoga class near Morpeth and enjoy connecting your mind, body and spirit? Often a gentle form of exercise, you can improve your fitness levels and use it as some much needed ‘me time’.

If you want to push yourself or you would prefer a tailored approach to your fitness, we have personal training near Morpeth at Genesis Health and Fitness gym in Thornton. Your personal trainer will work with you to help you reach your goals. Personal training is a fantastic option, and it often gives you the motivation you need to get to where you want to be.

Whatever you decide to do, you will have access to everything you need. This includes a huge weights area which is ideal for strength and muscle building. We also have a boxing area with bags, speedballs and fixed body pads, a cardio theatre and 15 Schwinn cycle classes a week. To find out more about what is on offer and when, check out our fitness timetable.

Everyone Can Benefit From Yoga in Morpeth

A highly underrated activity, yoga has fantastic benefits for both the mind and body. Improving your general fitness levels, your flexibility, your balance and more, the list of reasons why you should regularly practise yoga is extensive. And with the variety of sessions scheduled on our timetable, you are sure to find a time that suits your schedule. By joining our Yoga sessions in Morpeth, you can enjoy:

  • Improved strength, flexibility and balance
  • Reduced physical pain such as back pain and joint pain
  • Improved heart health and reduced levels of inflammation
  • Reduced stress levels and improved quality of sleep
  • Improved mental well-being and an increase in energy
  • Access to an expert to provide assistance and guidance

… and so much more!

Utilised as a method to stay healthy as well as a recovery technique from surgeries and a coping mechanism for chronic illnesses, yoga sessions have unquantifiable benefits for our members. And as it’s included in your membership, you can attend as many classes as you like each month. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Whether you like to start your day by connecting with your body, switch off from work during your lunch break or end the day with some breathing exercises and stretching to relax and reset, we have you covered.

Join Our Gym Near Morpeth Today!

No matter your age, no matter your ability and no matter your fitness level, you are welcome to practice yoga in Morpeth at Genesis Health and Fitness Thornton. We are a like-minded group of individuals who are each on our own fitness journeys. In our yoga group fitness sessions, you’ll enjoy camaraderie, encouragement and motivation with other members in a space that is free from judgement. And with regular attendance, you might even form long-lasting friendships as well as enjoy other benefits. More than just your average gym in Morpeth, we are a community that is ever growing in size.

Join Us Today

You can try Genesis Health and Fitness today for free by downloading our 5-day pass that allows you to experience the wonders of our gym.

We look to seeing you soon!
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