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5 Foam Roller Exercises To Improve Your Body's Flexibility

Date: Jul 21, 2016    By: Genesis Fitness

The foam roller is an excellent tool for improving your flexibility. It will break up knots in the muscle tissue and allow for smoother muscle contractions and more flexibility. Give these 5 foam roller exercises a try to improve your flexibility.

1. Calf rolling: The calves are muscles that regularly get tight and impact the way we walk, as well as our ability to properly do exercises such as squats and lunges. It is especially common in women who wear high heels, placing the muscles in a short position for long periods of time leads to them losing flexibility.
A great way to release the calves is using the foam roller to roll up and down the muscles, taking the tension out and helping to get the calves back to their full length.
Here’s how to do it -

2. Quad rolling: The quads are the muscles at the front of the upper legs. They’re often short and tight because we spend so much time sitting down. Between the office, driving and the sofa we hardly spend any time on our feet.
Rolling up and down the muscles with the foam roller will help to release them and return them to their full length. Be warned, if they’re tight, this can be uncomfortable!
Here’s how to do it -

3. Hamstring rolling: The hamstrings are the muscles at the back of the legs, again they’re often short and tight because we spend so much time sitting on them, and so little time exercising them.
Here’s how to do it -
4. Thoracic extensions: The thoracic spine is the upper back, where we are often hunched over and lacking in flexibility from poor posture and desk work. Extending over the roller is a great way to regain movement and flexibility of the upper back. Just be sure to keep your head aligned, so you don’t strain your neck.
Here’s how to do it -
5. Lat rolling: The lats are muscles that run down the side of the back and are often tight. Spending time releasing the lats will improve your upper body posture and flexibility, especially with your arms over your head.
Here’s how to do it -


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