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Five top age-defying wellness tips to boost your fitness routine

Date: Aug 29, 2023     By: Genesis Fitness    Fitness, health, wellness, lifestyle
If you want to enjoy feeling vital and well for life, read this blog to learn our top five age-defying wellness and fitness tips. From the benefits of strength training for building muscles and protecting your bone health, to the reasons you should be incorporating flexibility training in your fitness routine, we share how you can stay fit as you age. By embracing these tips and being consistent, you’ll create healthy habits to support your happiness and wellbeing at every age and stage of life.

Midlife mobility mindfulness – strengthen and stretch!

Date: Aug 23, 2023     By: Genesis Fitness    Fitness, health, wellness
If you’re in or approaching midlife, you may be starting to look to the future and realise that you want to stay fit and strong as you age. We agree: healthy ageing is important! This blog explores how vitality and longevity are achievable when you plan for success and add strength and stretching to your workouts. Learn the physical health guidelines for adults in Australia and get tips on the benefits of strength training and a consistent stretching regime for a fitter, stronger you at every stage of life.

How to reclaim your wellbeing as you age

Date: Aug 23, 2023     By: Genesis Fitness    Fitness, health, wellness
Do you want to learn realistic and empowering ways to reclaim your wellbeing as you age? Here we share our top five tips for boosting your fitness and health no matter how old you are! Learn how you can feel more energetic and vibrant by committing to healthy habits, from moving more and eating well to stretching daily and building strength. By setting clear goals and committing to your fitness journey, you’ll be on your way to feeling more confident, capable and self-assured.

Get confident on the gym floor – tips and hacks from our trainers

Date: Aug 14, 2023     By: Genesis Fitness    Fitness, health, Gym, Beginner
Want to start or return to your fitness journey and feel confident on the gym floor? In this article we share seven top tips and hacks from personal trainers to support you in becoming a self-assured gym devotee and a fitter you! With advice about finding your ‘why’, setting small and achievable goals, and practising positive self-talk, we explore how to grow more motivated with each fitness workout. Remember, a great place to start is by being your own cheerleader and focusing on progress – not perfection!

Strong start: Unleashing your potential from day one at a new gym

Date: Aug 14, 2023     By: Genesis Fitness    Fitness, health, wellness
Starting at a new gym? So exciting! It's a fresh start, an opportunity to push boundaries and transform your body and mind. “Start as you intend to go on” is an old saying that still rings true. If you’re looking to begin at a new gym, then start strong with this seven-step guide.

Ways to become a healthier you

Date: Aug 08, 2023     By: Genesis Fitness    Fitness, health, wellness, reformer pilates
If there’s one thing Genesis prides itself on, it’s packing in the variety under one roof and ensuring there is something there for every fitness level, goal, personality and mood. If you’re looking to mix things up, want some fresh inspo or just want to learn a little more about what you can access as part of the Genesis family, here are just some of the ways you can get moving with us.

Unlocking the Benefits of Stretching for Your Fitness Routine

Date: Aug 08, 2023     By: Genesis Fitness    Fitness
Want to supercharge your fitness routine, without a major life shake-up? Then let’s talk about the simple art of stretching! Just like brushing your teeth, having a quality sleep routine and eating mindfully, stretching is vital for your wellbeing and it can help maximise the effort you put into staying active.


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