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Our favourite 30-minute hotel room workout routine

Date: Dec 22, 2023     By: Genesis Fitness   
Heading away this Christmas? In this blog, we’ll be sharing our go-to hotel room workout routine to help you sleigh your goals this Summer.

Four presents to get the fitness fan who has everything

Date: Dec 22, 2023     By: Genesis Fitness    health, wellness
Left your Christmas shopping to the last minute? We've created a list of the top four presents to get the fitness fan who has everything. Spoiler alert —#2 has their name written all over it.

Five ways to get moving this holiday season

Date: Dec 21, 2023     By: Genesis Fitness    health, wellness
Christmas is less than five sleeps away, so now is the *perfect* time to give Santa a run for his money in the sleigh department.

Fact: Exercise makes you more productive

Date: Dec 04, 2023     By: Genesis Fitness    Yoga, Gym, reformer, self care, productivity
Have you ever left a Reformer Pilates class dripping with sweat and pride? Exercising is a foolproof way to become more productive, which directly relates to those post-workout feels we all know and love.


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