Tips to prevent gym injuries

Date: Apr 30, 2018     By: Genesis Fitness    Fitness, health
The last thing you want to pick up from the gym is an injury. It means potential pain, time out of the gym, restriction of movement, and maybe therapy bills. None of which you want, and the truth is most injuries are avoidable. All you have to do is follow these basic tips.

The smart way to warm up

Date: Feb 23, 2018     By: Genesis Fitness    Fitness
It may surprise some people, but warming up is one of the most important things you can do while working out. However, we'd like to present you a different perspective on the importance of warming up, and the smart way to go about your warm up. Preventing injury will allow for more consistent, more effective training. So, what is the smart way to warm up?

4 Warm Up Activities to Get You Ready for Your Next Workout

Date: Feb 16, 2016     By: Genesis Fitness    Fitness
Warming up is important to get blood flowing to your muscles, loosening up your joints and preparing the body for exercise. The same old treadmill hike may not always cut it, so get ready for your next workout by incorporating these four easy activities to get your heart pumping. Take note that during your warm up workout, you should feel your body slowly warming you’re your heart rate increase and light perspiration, however you shouldn’t be breaking a full sweat. Save that for your workout.


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