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What are the benefits of Reformer Pilates?

Date: Sep 09, 2021    By: Genesis Fitness

We all know physical activity offers plenty of health benefits. But what are the exact benefits of an activity like Reformer Pilates? Here we break down five key benefits.

1. Suitable for everyone

Reformer Pilates is low impact (no burpees or squat jumps here!) – which means it is perfect for anyone pre or post-natal, recovering from an injury, or looking for a gentler approach to their workouts. The benefit of the adjustable springs of varying tension levels means each exercise can be adjusted to best suit your needs.

2. Engages all muscles in your body

The moving parts of the reformer and varying spring resistance mean your muscles, especially your core work harder than they normally would on the ground. Imagine trying to hold a squat – now imagine doing the same on the Reformer where you must hold the carriage still and suspended! It’s normal to shake during class and it may feel like your muscles are ‘burning’ – this means your muscles are working to fatigue and are growing stronger.

3. Helps reduce aches and pains within muscles and joints

Reformer Pilates focuses on correct alignment and uses movements to help strengthen back, neck and core muscles. When these muscles are strong, they can help reduce overall pain such as lower back pain, neck strains or hip tightness which can happen from daily activities like sitting too long. Expect to feel leaner, longer and stronger after your sessions, with a better awareness of your body, breath and movement.

4. Helps you become more present and mindful

Reformer Pilates is popular for a reason! The moving equipment requires concentration and balance, giving you an opportunity to forget about any external worries and just focus on your time in the class. The combination of breath, mindful thought and movement can help improve balance, coordination and even help you feel less restless and sleep better. Additionally, every Genesis Health + Fitness Reformer Pilates class is different with 100s of varying exercises, so you’ll never need to worry about being bored in class.

5. Can aid weight loss and fitness goals

Regularly attending Reformer Pilates classes can help tone muscles, improve athletic endurance, increase flexibility, improve posture and aid weight loss goals when combined with healthy eating. It is a full body workout and uses slow and controlled movements to challenge and strengthen the body.

Reformer Pilates has many benefits to offer, to help improve your physical health and mental wellness.

Genesis Health + Fitness is launching Reformer Pilates nationally in clubs as part of our new Premium Memberships.

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