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6 Healthy Breakfasts For Busy Mornings

Date: Sep 20, 2016    By: Genesis Fitness

Everyone finds it easy to eat right when they have plenty of time, but it’s a struggle when you’re in a rush and unsure what to grab on the move. Use these six ideas to ensure you are eating right, even on busy mornings.

Salmon, avocado, spinach: Grab a pack of smoked salmon, slice half an avocado and eat on a bed of spinach leaves.

Scrambled egg stuffed pepper: Hollow out a capsicum and stuff scrambled egg in the middle. Five minutes preparation time for a healthy, filling meal.

Natural yoghurt with berries: A simple pot of natural yoghurt with a handful of berries is a very simple and light breakfast to grab on the go.

Ham salad: Some pre-cooked ham combined with a salad of your choice can be prepared in a couple of minutes and kept in the fridge for a quick morning meal.

Boiled eggs: Simple boiled eggs, pre-cooked can be grabbed along with a handful of nuts or berries.

Leftovers: The simplest way to make breakfast is to just make more dinner the night before and eat it again for breakfast. No preparation or thinking required.

Hopefully with these six suggestions you have a base to create some quick, simple and healthy breakfasts for when you are in a rush.


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