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Tips To Stay Fit With Young Kids

Date: Nov 23, 2016    By: Genesis Fitness

Starting a family brings amazing things to your life. There’s lots of moments of joy, along with a few struggles. One of those struggles is finding time to stay fit and eat healthy.

With the lack of sleep and eating on the go, it’s easy to let your fitness slide.

Here are some tips to stay on top of your health and fitness, while juggling the commitments of a young family:

Include the little ones in your exercise

Pram runs and other related exercise classes have been springing up in parks all over the world. You can now not only include your children in your fitness regime – they can become an active part of it.

Push the pram uphill or around the park adds resistance and makes for a tough workout, with the added benefit of not having to worry about childcare.

Too hot/cold/wet to take your baby outdoors? Some Genesis Fitness clubs offer mums and bubs classes, enquire at your closest club.

Don’t be too structured, just play

As they get a little bit older kids, love to play. They want to run around, swing, jump and generally just burn off some energy.

Let the kids take the lead and just play with them. Introduce them to different sports, or just take them to the park to run around.

Exercise doesn’t have to be too structured. You don’t have to be in a gym, on a treadmill, in order for a workout to count. You’ll get just as much benefit running around with the kids or playing sports.

Don’t overdo it

If you’re tired, overworked and haven’t had a proper night’s sleep in months, you need to be careful to not do too much when it comes to working out.

You want to exercise, it will definitely help with your energy levels, sleeping better and relieving stress. Just don’t push yourself too hard.

It might be worth getting some help from a qualified trainer to create a program that is going to challenge you, without pushing you too far.

You don’t want to wear yourself out when you are already weaker than you normally would be. Make sure the goals you set are not too aggressive and that you are using fitness as a way to lead a healthier, happier life.


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