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7 Ways to Increase your Energy

Date: Jan 15, 2015    By: Genesis Fitness

By Jayde Delpup, Personal Trainer – Genesis Byford, WA

There are many ways we can increase your energy levels, here is seven tips to focus on to feel better and get out and enjoy the sunshine!

1. Sleep
Sleep is when cells produce and release proteins essential for growth and tissue repair. Lack of sleep can cause poor concentration and mood swings. Eight hours of sleep is considered ideal for good health. Try a hot bath, when you get out it immediately decreases your body temperature which may help you relax for a deeper sleep. Try not to fall asleep with noise in the background (television), it’s more difficult for the brain to shut down. “Your alertness during the day is dependent on the quality of your sleep and on getting undisturbed sleep,” says Psychologist Thomas Roth, Ph.D.

2. Food
Food is fuel for our body. It’s important to have a healthy, nutritious diet. Eat small meals throughout the day including all three macronutrients. Eat complex carbohydrates such as brown bread and brown rice. Good sources of protein include fish, chicken. Good fats are the biggest energy source for the human body, they’re found in things such as avocados, olive oil and almonds.

3. Exercise
When working out, your body recognises the need to produce more energy. During a workout your heart-rate increases therefore influencing more blood flow to the brain. This means there is more oxygen being absorbed by your brain cells and in return you feel more mentally alert and energetic.

4. Sunshine
Exposure to light stimulates your brain to stop producing melatonin (the hormone that helps induce sleepiness). We also get Vitamin D from sunshine and your body needs it in order to help keep energy levels at their peak.

5. Vitamins
Sometimes we lack micronutrients in our diet. It’s okay to take a multivitamin to ensure our body is getting the required nutrients. The Vitamin B’s help convert food to energy for our body to use.

6. Yoga
Yoga encourages deep breathing which means your body receives fresh oxygen. Fresh oxygen is crucial to increasing your energy levels. By stretching and strengthening the muscles and massaging the internal organs, toxins are cleansed from the body. Take the time to focus on your breathing techniques every day.

7. Herbal Tea
Coffee is what most of us are relying on to get us through the day. It gives us a temporary boost in energy due to the caffeine stimulating the production of the stress hormone. But it can also cause anxiety, irritability, muscle tension and insomnia. Try alternative herbal drinks such as green tea.

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