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Healthy Living Doesn't Stop At The Gym

Date: Oct 20, 2016    By: Genesis Fitness

Work hard at the gym? Don’t undo your hard work with an unhealthy lifestyle.

Take a look at our health, fitness and wellbeing tips to boost the benefits of your gym workouts.

Family fitness

Walking around the neighbourhood, spending some time outdoors at the local park or even just chasing the kids around is keeping you in better shape than you realise. If you’re struggling for time, make getting active a family activity, rather than trying to schedule time out to hit the gym.

Get serious about sleep

Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about eating and exercise. Sleep is crucial for rebuilding muscle and replenishing your energy levels. If you don’t get enough, your metabolism, mood and stress levels will take matters into their own hands.

Get at least six hours of sleep a night to ensure you’re running at peak performance.

Cook fresh

Save yourself money and improve your health by refuelling your body with as many fresh ingredients as you can. Processed and packaged goods may appear convenient, but fresh ingredients – vegies, grains, meat and fish - are best. Summer stone fruits are starting to come into season and make great naturally packaged snacks. You’ll be surprised how easy, delicious and affordable healthy eating can be.

Treat yourself

At the end of the day, healthy people know the importance of balance, and aren’t afraid to occasionally treat themselves. Complete deprivation only leads to burnout or binging, so if you’ve been eating, training and sleeping well, take some time out and enjoy a massage, dessert or night out with friends.


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