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How to Safely Deadlift

Date: Feb 19, 2020    By: Genesis Fitness

If you aren’t sure of how to do an exercise correctly, then it is best not to try it without some quality advice. One such exercise is the deadlift. If you have poor form, you can be left with a bad back and even a hernia. Here are some tips on how to safely deadlift, without needing a trip to the physio.

Don’t Go Heavy Until You Can Do It Right

Don’t worry about the weight you are deadlifting when you are starting out. Get the routine down correctly before you start adding more and more weight to the bar. Your back will thank you.

Feet and Hands

Your feet should be about hip width apart and facing outward just a touch. Your hands need to be about shoulder width apart on the bar as you start setting them in place.

Bend Your Knees

When first approaching the bar and picking it up with the alternate grips, be sure to bend your knees. Don’t try picking up the weight with your legs straight out.

Keep Your Back Straight

Your back should be straight and the only bending should be coming from your waist area.

Slight Hip Thrust

As you raise the bar so it is about waist high, thrust your hips out slightly with your shoulders pulled back just a bit.

Keep Your Balance

If you find yourself trying to manipulate the weight up by balancing it on your legs, then you need to go with lighter weight. Don’t injure yourself with ego lifting.

Lower It Back Down to the Floor

Don’t drop the weight on the floor afterwards. Just simply lower it back down. Your muscles are being trained just as much by lowering it, so don’t only do half the movement.

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