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3 exercises to build a stronger back

Date: Feb 23, 2018    By: Genesis Fitness

A strong back makes for a strong body. The back is the support structure for the rest of the body, and if you have a strong back, you are likely to be strong everywhere else too.

Here are three exercises to build a stronger back:

1. Deadlifts – often called the king of exercises, the deadlift works almost every muscle in the body. From the shoulders, upper and mid back, lower back, lats, glutes, and down to the legs; everything is being used for a deadlift.

No exercise will build as much strength in the back – and the whole body - as the deadlift does.

2. Pull ups – pull ups and chin ups work the lats, upper back, and mid back in the vertical plane. One of the simplest and most effective exercises ever for building strength. Simply grab a pull up bar and rep out as many as you can.

If you need some assistance use a band underneath your feet to help you get up, and then slowly control yourself on the way down, to fully work the muscles. Progress to a lighter band until you can eventually do it without a band at all.

3. Rows – all variations of rows are the best exercise for working the mid and upper back in the horizontal plane.

Mix up the grips and the angle of pull, to ensure you are working all the various muscles in the back. You can go heavy, or lighter with high reps and pauses at the contraction. Rows are very versatile, and you should mix it up regularly for best results.

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