5 must-do exercises to prevent injuries

Date: Jan 19, 2018    By: Genesis Fitness

Injuries suck, right? Nobody wants to pick up an injury from the gym, and that is why these five injury preventing exercises are so important.

Face pulls

Set up a rope handle on a cable machine at eye level. Grab the ropes, and pull your shoulders down and back. Pull the cable towards your nose, and when your elbows are level with your shoulders, rotate your hands upwards and outwards.

This exercise works the muscles that retract and externally rotate the shoulder; the most important muscles to develop for healthy shoulders and good posture.

Seated row

Use the seated row machine, ensuring you pull the elbows back and pinch the shoulder blades together at the end.

This is working the mid-back and is the best exercise to counter-act the sitting, office posture we spend so much time in when on the computer.

Romanian deadlifts

Use a barbell or dumbbells for this exercise. Hold the weight in your hands, squeeze the abs and glutes, then sit the hips backwards while ensuring your lower back stays straight. Go down until you feel a stretch in the hamstrings, and then squeeze the glutes to stand up tall.

This exercise works the entire posterior chain, which is often weak, and leaves people prone to injuries and poor posture.

Single leg hip lifts

The glutes create strength and stability around the hips, protecting your knees and lower back from potential injuries.

Single leg hip lifts are the best exercise to develop strength in the glutes. Lay on your back and place your heel on a small step in front of you. Keep the back flat on the floor, and the other leg tucked up to your chest; push the heel down into the step, squeeze the glute and lift your hips up until there is a straight line from your shoulders to the knee.


Core stability is important for keep the body upright in a healthy posture, and stabilising through every exercise and activity you do.

The plank is one of the best exercises to develop core stability. Get into a push up position, but with your elbows on the ground. Squeeze the abs and glutes and hold your body in a straight posture for as long as you can.

Remember to breath and ensure the hips do not drop or rise. There should be a straight line from the shoulders to the heels.

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