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The Benefits of Strength Training for Weight Loss

Date: Jan 29, 2020   

It seems that many people who would love to lose a little weight focuses mainly on increasing their cardio to do so. However, they may be overlooking the fact that strength training can help a person lose weight as well.

Strength Training Increases Muscle

When you perform strength training exercises on a consistent basis, a great thing happens. You start to build more muscle. The muscle then burns away fat all throughout the day, even while you are resting. This means that the more muscle mass you have, the more weight you will be losing as your metabolism is amped up all the time.

Don’t Go Light

When you are performing your strength training exercises, don’t take it easy with light weights. You need to be pushing yourself with weights that will make it tough to perform your ten reps each set. If you go with light weight, you will not be building as much strength and muscle. You will basically be doing just more cardio than anything. If you are committing yourself to a strength training routine, go all in and take it seriously.

Don’t Fall for the Myths

Women often avoid strength training because they believe they will get all bulky and muscley after a few workouts. Don’t worry. You won’t. There are many men that have been lifting weights for years and they would love to know “the secret” to getting all of this muscle mass that women think they can gain in a few weeks.

Attack Weight Loss with a Plan

If you are serious about losing weight, you need to look closely at your cardio, diet, and strength training to maximize your results. All three of these play a factor in dropping kgs, so lose weight smartly by taking a close look at everything that can help you achieve your goal.

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