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Goal Setting: How to Set Fitness Goals and Achieve Them

Date: Jan 08, 2019    By: Genesis Fitness

Do you find it difficult to stay on track with your resolutions? To really reach your goals you need to set a plan. Having a plan ensures not only that your goals are front of mind but also that they are achievable. Try:

1. Create long-term goals

Write down your ultimate long-term goals. They may seem out of reach right now, but by writing them down and placing them in view, they can provide great long-term motivation. Long-term goals can be weight or dress size related or include fitness and strength goals.

2. Set short term goals

Short term goals are smaller bitesize milestones. Short term goals can play a significant role in your success. Small short-term goals may be a weekly weight loss target, or something as simple as adding a workout to your week.

3. Make your goals realistic and measurable

While we’d all like to fast track our results, it’s important to set realistic targets. Unattainable goals will only be demotivating and hinder your progress. Goals should also be specific and measurable so you can regularly assess your progress.

4. Update your goals

Once a goal is achieved, have the next one ready in place. There’s a saying If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” By continuously engaging in new challenges you’ll achieve faster results. For new ideas speak to our friendly Genesis Health and Fitness team, we’ll be happy to make some creative suggestions!

5. Reward yourself

The journey to fitness can at times be a long one. While staying on track is an essential part of the process, it’s just as important to have scheduled moments off-plan to take a break and enjoy a reward. A reward could be something as simple as a cheat meal or treating yourself to a new purchase. Tie in your rewards with your goals to provide an extra reason to stay motivated.

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