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Yoga To Boost Your Running

Date: Nov 23, 2016    By: Genesis Fitness

Yoga may not be the first form of exercise to come to mind when you’re training for a big run. Save your joints and consider complementing your training with Yoga. It’s a great alternative to strengthen your body, increase flexibility and improve your mental focus.

Yoga to build strength

A flowing Yoga, such as Vinyasa, is an effective way to sculpt muscle and boost strength. Many of the positions require greater muscular control to supporting your body weight, while moving through poses without stopping minimises rest time and helps build your endurance.

Power Yoga targets a runner’s most used muscles groups such as the hips, hamstrings and glutes. These muscles help a runner with their speed and power and the stronger you are, the more protected you are from injury.

Yoga for flexibility

Yoga moves are great for lengthening muscles and increasing your body’s range of movement, and you don’t have to be flexible to start Yoga. A flexible body is less prone to injury. Yin Yoga is a more slow-paced yoga that holds poses for longer and stretching connective tissue around joints. Some poses can be boosted with bolsters and props to help open up the connective tissue system.

Yoga for recovery

Restorative Yoga helps with blood flow and healing in a gentle way. Props are used to help maintain balance and it is especially useful to help fight fatigue and stress.

We all know a good stretch after exercise – including a big run – is essential for recovery. Yoga after a run can also help with post-exercise muscle soreness by stretching out the muscles.


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