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It’s time to Find Your 30!

Date: Feb 29, 2020    By: Genesis Fitness

Access 30 workouts from 30 different trainers for free

Australia, it’s time to Find Your 30! We've partnered with Sport Australia to help you get moving for 30 minutes a day.

The Sport Australia ‘Find Your 30’ initiative has been running since August 2018, and we've come on board as a partner this year to help Aussies find practical ways to work half an hour of activity into their day.

Kicking off on March 1, we will provide 30 different workout ideas from 30 different trainers across Australia and make them accessible online for free.

Whether you like to walk, run, cycle or lift weights, some physical activity is better than no physical activity and our workout library will offer a range of options from gym workouts to exercises you can do at home with limited or no equipment, according to our National Fitness Manager Sam Merza.

“We’re on a mission to build healthier, more active communities across Australia and will make our 30 workouts available online at no cost from March 1,” said Sam.

Workouts compiled will encourage individuals to try different things within the gym and outside of the gym walls.

“Types of workouts will include a simple ab workout, cycle workout, circuit workout, HIIT workout, yoga sessions and much more.

“Currently there’s a stigma where individuals feel they need to visit the gym or exercise for an hour at a time. By encouraging people to get active for 30 minutes a day we hope to break that stigma – some physical activity is better than none.

“Benefits include heart health, reduced stress, boosts to mood, increases in energy, improved memory, increased productivity, better creativity and improved self-confidence – if that’s not worth 30 minutes of your time, I’m not sure what is!”

You can access the free workouts here from March 1.

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