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Better Eating Tips for the Festive Season to Keep Your Weight Loss Goals

Date: Nov 22, 2020    By: Genesis Fitness

Christmas is coming and it is OK to enjoy yourself with your family. There are so few things that you can really control in life, but what you put into your mouth is one of them. Use these tips to maintain moderation and self- control as summer sets in and the holidays start to take over.

Keep to Smaller Portion Sizes

It is often not about what you eat that makes you gain weight, but how much of it you consume. There are little tricks you can follow to maintain smaller portion sizes. For instance, ask for a smaller plate and only allow yourself the food that can fit on it.

Don’t Go Back for Seconds

Once again, limit yourself to just one helping. Even if you are eating desserts, one serving of it can’t do you in and ruin your diet. It will take some will power, but who said maintaining your weight loss goals would be easy?

Eat Slowly

It takes a while before the brain can tell the body that you are already full. If you tend to be a fast eater, you risk consuming more calories than if you were a slow eater.

Drink Water Before a Meal

By drinking a glass or two of water before you eat, you are limiting the amount of room in your stomach for food. If you are seriously interested in consuming fewer calories, start drinking more water and you will find yourself eating less.

Don’t Eat at Every Party

Many of us have to hit up two or three holiday gatherings in one day because of extended family. Rather than eat at all of them, limit yourself to eating at just one. Your family will understand.

You will feel better having moved, it isn’t punishment for pudding, but a chance to reward your body with movement.

Merry Christmas!

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