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The Basics of Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Date: Jan 27, 2017    By: Genesis Fitness

If you’ve indulged in Christmas feasting, you may be tempted to lose the extra weight gained over the holiday season. But don’t be tempted to starve yourself; there are safer and healthier ways to lose weight while eating a wide range of food.

The human body needs food. It needs calories for energy. Proteins and fats to build the very tissues the body is made of. It needs the micronutrients – the vitamins and minerals – to complete all its bodily functions.

That is to say; be sure not to under eat, even if you’re trying to lose weight. Be sure to get sufficient amounts of all the different nutrients your body needs.

The most nutrient dense foods are natural foods. Meats and fish, fruit and vegetables. These should be the base of your diet. Natural, nutrient dense foods give the body the sustenance it needs for good health.

‘Empty foods’ like sugars, pastries and processed foods are high in energy (calories), but low in nutrients. These are the foods you should aim to avoid. Not only are they high in energy, but because they’re low in nutrition, they don’t fill you up. Leaving you still hungry and craving further foods; inevitably leading to overeating.

When you are considering what to eat; ask this question…

Do I know where this food came from?

If the answer is yes – it was grown in the ground or from a living animal – you know it is more than likely dense in nutrients. If the answer is no, it was manufactured in a factory, it is generally best avoided.

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