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5k a day in May in support of Asthma Australia

Date: Apr 22, 2015    By: Genesis Fitness

Genesis Fitness is pleased to announce an exciting partnership and another fantastic event in which members can participate in. In the month of May Genesis Fitness Clubs encourage members to join the 5k a day campaign which is an initiative of Asthma Australia which hopes to raise awareness and funds for Asthma Research.

The 5k a day campaign is an initiative by Carnelian Projects to support Asthma Australia by raising awareness and much needed funds for asthma research. Participants can set themselves a challenge to complete 5km every day or as many times as possible.

Genesis Fitness Clubs across Australia will encourage members and non-members to visit the club to complete 5km by running, walking, swimming or cycling as many times as they can during the month of May. As an extra incentive to drive participation Genesis will be giving away $5,000 every week in May. Every person who takes up a 5 day free pass and visits Genesis in the month or if members or non-members complete 5km they will get an entry in the draw to win $5,000 each week.

Many Australians would have had experience with Asthma at some point in their lives. 70% of children having infrequent intermittent asthma and 20% having frequent intermittent Asthma and less than 5% having persistent Asthma. An estimated 10% of Australians have Asthma and the incidence of Asthma in the population is higher by international standards.

If you are interested in supporting and raising funds for Asthma Research click here

Register for a 5 day free pass and go in the draw to win $5000 each week in May click here

How many 5k’s will you do?


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