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5 Benefits Of Training With A Buddy

Date: Jul 29, 2021    By: Genesis Fitness

It's great to hang out with friends, but there are also some clear benefits to bringing along a buddy when you next workout. Here are a couple of reasons why phoning a friend before you get your next workout could be the best decision you ever make.


Sometimes we all let our personal goals lapse, but we tend to stick to what we say more often when we've told people about our plans. Having someone beside you to witness your progress can not only remind you about how far you've come but also give you the momentum you need to go the extra mile.


Sometimes it's easy to get disheartened with your workout, especially if you're plateauing, but taking a good friend along for a workout is a sure-fire way to get someone on your side to inspire you up when the chips are down. An extra bonus is that if you both know the workout, they won’t let you skip a rep or an exercise either.

Tips and tricks;

It's great to hit the gym with an experienced workout partner who can check your form and give you some general recovery and diet advice. Working out is something that's built on experience, so partnering up with someone who's been there and done that might be a serious benefit. Remember, everyone is slightly different, so make sure you do what feels right for you and always check in with one of our fitness professionals for more specialist advice.


There are times when you really want to reach for that personal best and there are also times when doing so by yourself could be a serious hazard. If you take a friend to the gym, you've got a spotter on-hand to make sure you stay safe and you can push it a little bit further.

Mix up your routine;

Getting stuck in a rut can stall your progress, so why not team up with a friend for fresh ideas, a fresh workout and maybe an element of surprise that you might not be able to get on your own. Training outside your comfort zone is often where the results are the greatest.

So; now we know there are huge benefits to working out with a friend, the most important thing to do is ask someone and get started, give a buddy a call and help each other achieve something amazing!

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