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How to Organize Your Training for a Perfect Week

Date: Jun 24, 2019    By: Genesis Fitness

We all have busy lives going on right now. Between work and family commitments, it can be difficult to find some time just for you. Of course, this includes finding the right amount of time for your health and fitness training throughout the week. Follow these tips below to ensure that your workouts can stay on track and you can have a perfect week every week.

Have a Fitness Plan in Place

If you walk into a gym without a proper plan, then you are pretty much just wasting time and winging it as you go along. Always have a fitness plan in place for best results. In fact, this plan could be used week after week. For instance, the first part of your workout can consist of strength training and the last part could be your cardio time. Always do strength training first as you will be able to lift heavier weight while still fresh. If you wait to do strength training after cardio, you are going to be a bit exhausted and it won’t go nearly as well.

Chop Up Your Body Parts

I’m not talking about turning into the next serial killer, just dividing up your workouts by focusing on training different body parts. As an example, Monday could always be chest day strength training and exercise bike for cardio. Wednesday could be bis and tris followed by time on the elliptical. Friday might as well be back and shoulders with time on the treadmill. Sunday could be for strictly legs and then you start all over again on Monday.

Finding the Time

You have to work with the schedule you have. If you have little children and their bedtime is seven or eight at night, you might have to get used to late night workouts. Or, on the other hand, you could start your morning out with training at 5am. Determine a schedule you can stick with that fluctuates very little so you can keep doing your training week after week without interruption.

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