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4 Ways to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau

Date: Jun 23, 2016    By: Genesis Fitness

If those last few kilos just won’t budge, it’s likely you’ve hit a weight loss plateau.
So, what can you do to break through and achieve your weight loss goals?

1. Re-evaluate your calories
As you embark on a mission to shed some weight, you adjust your diet accordingly. Cutting down calories and upping your energy output results in healthy weight loss, but after an extended period of time, your body becomes accustomed to input and output measurements.
A normal part of losing weight, plateaus occur when you have energy balance – in other words, your energy input and output have become the same and you find yourself neither losing nor gaining weight. Alternatively, talk to a qualified Nutrition Advisor about the best way to change your diet in accordance with your health and fitness goals.

2. Change your workout
Repeat the same exercise routine day after day, and both mind and body will suffer from extreme boredom. In order to add a little variety to your lifestyle and mix up the muscles you’ve been working out, you need to change up your workout routine.
Additionally, a weight loss plateau may be the best time to take your workout to the next level. Increase the amount of time you’re working out by 15 to 30 minutes and ensure you’re adding weightlifting exercises into your workout. This will increase muscle mass and help to burn more calories, even while you sleep.

3. Keep watch of your portion sizes
You may not even realise it’s happening, but your slowly increasing portion sizes may lead to eating more than your original plan has prescribed.
We know it’s tedious, but this may be a good time to reflect on your current diet. Consider ditching the dinner plate for side plates – that way, you’re less likely to overeat. Ensure you’re filling up on high fibre, high protein options and be mindful of hidden calories in your beverage of choice. Little tweaks to your diet can have a big impact.
Additionally, cut your daily calorie intake by 100-200 calories if possible. Since you weigh less than you did when you started your diet, your body requires less calories for energy output.

4. Increase your energy expenditure
Organised workouts are paramount to healthy living, but keep in mind that every bit of activity counts. Taking the stairs, walking or riding your bike to work or doing more work around the house are all ways of packing more activity into your day.
Finally, be sure that the weight loss goal you’re striving for is appropriate and realistic for your body type. If you can’t further decrease your calorie intake or increase your physical activity, you may be focusing too much on the numbers, rather than your overall health.

This article was proudly provided by the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers, who support Genesis Fitness and help our members achieve their fitness goals. If you are interested in starting a career in Personal Training, click here for more info


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