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3 Effective Training Methods For Weight Loss

Date: Nov 23, 2016    By: Genesis Fitness

Unfortunately, you cannot spot reduce fat through exercise. Meaning that doing abs exercises does not burn belly fat any more than any other kind of exercise.

However, you can increase the amount of fat you are burning by focusing on exercises that have a big impact on your metabolism, keeping you burning fat for a long time after your workout. Three of the best training methods are listed here.

High intensity and cardio combo

Combining high intensity strength with cardio in a workout gets you into the 80 – 90 per cent heart rate zone, the optimal fat-burning point. A workout like this also achieves the afterburn effect which means your body will continue to burn fat 36 hours after your workout.

Bodyweight exercises

Mastering your bodyweight is a sure fat burner. When you are using bodyweight in exercises such as pull ups, dips, push ups and rows you are not only challenging the body with the resistance, but also the stability of controlling your entire body.

This brings even more muscles into the equation and makes your body work even harder.


Sprinting will raise your heart rate and fat burning hormones like no other exercise. Genuine sprints of 40-80 metres, when you run at 95-100 per cent effort are one of the toughest forms of exercise you can do.

It sounds simple, but it is devastatingly effective.


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