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What Should You Really Be Doing on a Rest Day

Date: Sep 20, 2017    By: Genesis Fitness

Is laying on the sofa, eating pizza, the best way to recover from a tough workout?

Unfortunately, no, it generally isn’t the best use of your rest days. In this post, we’re going to look at three things you should be doing instead.


Moving? But I thought I was supposed to be resting?

The idea of a rest day is inferior to the idea of an ‘active-recovery’ day. That means not doing a workout, but doing some low-level activity that helps to speed up your recovery.

Go for a hike or a swim, hit the gym for a gentle workout, or just generally be active on your ‘off’ days. It helps get blood flowing to the muscles, bringing with it oxygen and nutrients that speed up your recovery, and stave off the soreness.

It can be tough to get going if you’re sore, but once you do, you feel a lot better for moving.


You need sufficient calories and nutrients to recover from exercise. That means even on non-training days you need to think about what you’re eating, and ensure it is sustaining your exercise.

If you’re looking to lose weight you can maintain a small calorie deficit, but make sure you have sufficient protein, and enough calories, to recover from your exercise. You need to fuel your body so that it works for you, over the long-term. Starving it in the short term is going to have negative impact over time.


Rest days are the perfect time to focus on other components of fitness, such as flexibility and balance. This is a form of active recovery that helps to reduce soreness, and speed recovery.

Whether you want to do yoga, Pilates, tai chi, or just stretch on your own; they’re all great options, both for recovery, and for increasing your flexibility and body control.

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