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What Should You Be Eating Based on Your Fitness Goals?

Date: Nov 26, 2019   

The old saying that health and fitness is 75 percent diet and only 25 percent actual exercise is entirely true. What you consume and put in your body is really important. Combining the two smartly to get the results you want is our end goal.

There is nothing more frustrating than sweating on the treadmill everyday but not feeling or seeing any results. Unfortunately, it may be that our nutrition is not on point. Two of the most frequent desires in the gym is to lose weight and put on muscle.

Here are two ways to get quicker results with your nutrition supporting your workouts.

Trying to Lose Fat

When trying to lose weight, we often focus on counting calories and trying to stay under a certain limit. However, there are some stumbling blocks with this. If your calorie limit is 1800 we often see mistakes is in the accuracy of reporting. The other can be in the “quality” of the intake which can create dangerous habits. If we are habitually making ice cream and wine fit out calorie targets, then when we start to become less calorie strict then we still have bad nutritional habits created and can balloon even further out of shape. The excess sugar, preservatives and chemicals aren’t ideal either!

Instead, we should be looking at creating positive habits such as focusing on macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fat) combined with their calorie count in an effort to lose weight. By targeting 40 percent of your calories come from protein, 25 percent comes from fat, and 35 percent comes from carbs, for example, many people should start seeing their body changing. Limitation/ Moderation of sweets and treats (alcohol included) can speed up these results!

Wanting to Gain Muscle

Rather than solely focusing on strength training to gain muscle, increasing your protein intake is something that needs to be done as well. Some athletes that want to pack on the muscle will consume 1.5 to 2g of protein per kg of body weight per day. That means if you are 80kgs, you will be eating 120 - 160 grams of protein every single day in an effort to add serious pounds of muscle.

As always nutritional advice is general and a personalized program from a qualified professional is key.

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