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What Key Components Make a Great Warm-Up?

Date: Jul 08, 2019    By: Genesis Fitness

Would you like to complete a set of warm-ups before you exercise every day but are unsure of what to do? You probably would like something that provides the best results and takes the least amount of time. Listed below are some warm-ups and the key components to each of them so you can understand the importance of doing them.

Stretch and Hold

Think of your muscles in your arms and legs sort of like rubber bands. If you don’t stretch a rubber band, after a while, it becomes a bit brittle and will snap and break on you the first time you pull it back. Don’t let this happen to your muscles. Do several stretches and hold the poses for 20 seconds or so before you begin your workout. It may just save you from a serious injury as it will definitely increase your flexibility.

How to Approach Cardio Correctly

You can’t just jump on a treadmill and start booking it at ten miles per hour immediately. You have to work your way into it so you don’t immediately injure yourself. You will realize that the older you get, the more you must pace yourself in the beginning. If you don’t, you are going to pull something and be hobbling around for weeks.

Jump Some Rope

Jumping rope is not just great cardio, but it activates basically your whole body with very little movement. Soon enough, your blood is pumping, your heart rate is up, and your core temperature rises. It is a perfect warm-up to do before you go all out. Just don’t overdo it. A minute of casually jumping rope will be just fine.

Bodyweight Squats

Do a few slow and steady bodyweight squats to loosen up the old joints before you start your serious training for the day. If you are like many people, you will even hear your knees making popping noises. Unless your knees are hurting while they are making those popping sounds, you shouldn’t be concerned. Think of it like cracking your knuckles so your fingers can move a bit better. You are doing the same for your legs.

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