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What to do when you're feeling stressed

Date: Feb 22, 2019   

During our days we will frequently find ourselves under pressure. Work, mortgages, kids and pretty much everything else becomes a stress on our system. When we are under stress our levels of cortisol will increase as we enter “flight or fight’ mode. This can also inhibit our goals, especially weight loss.

Diaphragm breathing is really important for managing your stress responses. Deep diaphragm breaths can take you out of “flight or fight” mode and lower your stress levels. Try breathing deeply into your stomach for 4 seconds and out for 6 seconds without moving your chest. You may have to build up to these numbers but try it over your work day for a couple of mins at a time to help reduce your stress! Aim for 15 -20 mins over the day at work and then 10 mins at bed time and you will be ready for a great night sleep!


• Lowers Heart Rate

• Lowers Blood Pressure

• Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which evokes feelings of well being

• Helps improve your concentration at work

• Expands and strengthens lungs due to the deep nature of the breath

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