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The Ultimate Guide to Workout Gear

Date: Feb 19, 2020    By: Genesis Fitness

There are a number of must-haves when it comes to what you wear and bring to the gym. To make sure you’re comfortable, clean and supported during your workouts, you must have the right clothing and the necessary additions like a towel and water bottle. Here is the ultimate workout gear guide for beginners and experienced gym-goers alike!

Reusable Water Bottle

Leave all of those plastic water bottles on the supermarket shelves for now on. We don’t want to ruin the environment any more than we already have. Get a reusable water bottle you can use time and time again at the gym. In fact, you could drink a pre-workout drink from it on your way to the gym, water during your workout, and a protein shake after you are done training. One bottle can do all of this for you for the rest of your life!

You Need the Right Clothes

If you are serious about your workouts, you need to be wearing the right clothes. Wear clothes that are not too tight nor too loose. Something that will allow you to complete any exercise movement comfortably. Plus, be sure these clothes are not all sweatstained from previous use. You are allowed to be fashionable, but make sure your clothes allow you to train to your fullest potential.

Athletic Shoes

No matter what type of training you are doing, footwear is key. Whether it be running on a treadmill, sweating out a HIIT session, or working on your lifting gains, you should be wearing athletic shoes that will provide support and not put your health at risk.

Don’t Forget a Towel

Most people go to gym with the intention of sweating. It’s a great by-product of hard training. But not for the equipment and certainly not for the people around you. Bringing a towel will ensure you have something to wipe your forehead with after a set, as well as having something to wipe down a machine with after you’re done using it. This is critical for hygiene purposes and the well being of gym users around you. If you feel you need extra cleaning supplies, all gyms have antibacterial spray and tissues on hand to ensure your hard earned sweat isn’t causing problems for other gym-goers.

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