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The Best Pre and Post-Workout Foods For Weight Loss

Date: Mar 23, 2017    By: Genesis Fitness

We are often asked, ‘What are the best foods to eat around my workout?’.

Before a workout, you want something light that will sit comfortably in your stomach and give you energy for training. A cup of coffee is good to energize you, as is a banana or orange. You don’t want to eat anything too filling for 3-4 hours before working out. Fast digesting sugars from fruits are a good option; they’re light and easy to digest, while giving a burst of energy for your workout.

After your workout, a protein shake is a good way to quickly and easily get nutrients into your body, and kick start the recovery process, followed by a meal with protein and carbohydrates. After working out is when your body is most sensitive to carbohydrates and best absorbs them. You should eat the bulk of the carbohydrates in your diet after your workout, from sources such as rice, sweet potatoes, fruit, and plenty of vegetables.

Include a good serve of protein such as meat, fish, or eggs, to meet your protein needs. Try to eat as soon after your workout as you can, to take advantage of the after-effect of your workout, and start the recovery process as quickly as you can.

Make sure you hydrate well by drinking pure water before, during and after your workout. Hydration will affect your energy and training performance, how tired you feel, how well you recover, as well as general health and energy levels. Don’t make the mistake of focusing on your diet, but forgetting the most essential thing to consume of all – water.

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