Top Fitness Trends for 2017

Date: Aug 30, 2017    By: Genesis Fitness

Each year new trends take the fitness world by storm. Some are nothing but a passing fad, while others totally change how we work out and disrupt our fitness routines.

In previous years we’ve seen the rise of Crossfit, barefoot shoes, HIIT, and many other things that have come and gone. So what is on the cutting edge of the fitness world in 2017?

Here are 4 things that are making a splash:

Wearable technology – Wearable fitness technology has been around for a couple of years in the form of watches, heart rate monitors, and chips in running shoes.

Now we’re seeing even more growth as the technology becomes smaller, cheaper, and more powerful. Meanwhile, more adoption means the software is better, and there is more data for the companies to work with.

Technology is becoming more integrated into every part of our lives, and fitness is no different. Expect to see even more smart clothing and other wearable items to track your workouts.

Calisthenics – Calisthenics is bodyweight training that has been growing in popularity at a rapid rate over the last year.

Instagram is full of extremely impressive feats of strength, coordination, and balance by top performers in the calisthenics world.

The beauty of this type of training is that it usually requires no equipment, just a couple of pull up bars.

Gyms are building dedicated calisthenics/freestyle areas, and a lot of parks in cities around the world are adding outdoor gyms that are a heaven for calisthenics enthusiasts.

Group training – Following on from the success of Crossfit, more and more people are looking for group training classes.

While group training was always popular in the form of aerobics classes, the new wave of class-going exerciser is looking for strength and conditioning based workouts to build strength, tone their body, and shed the kilos.

Genesis Fitness has built upon this demand by offering Coaching Zone, and its range of group training options that targets specific fitness goals.

Look for more options popping up in your local gym soon.

Online fitness – It’s probably fair to say we spend most of our time online nowadays. We communicate mostly online, we watch TV online, many of us work online, and so we will also get our fitness online.

There are now millions of fitness apps available to download to your smart phone that do everything from recording your nutrition data, to giving you a library of exercises and workouts to complete.

On the more bespoke end, lots of personal trainers and gyms now have online programming options where they can create your workouts and track your progress as part of an online community, which gives support and accountability as you move towards your fitness goals.

These are some of the top trends you will see in the fitness world in 2017, going into 2018. What are you most excited to see?

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