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Top 5 Fitness Facts to Get You to Your Fitness Goals Faster

Date: Mar 23, 2017    By: Genesis Fitness

Some of the things you never thought possible regarding your health and fitness might just be within your reach. Excited?

Let me tell you about them:

Lifting weights makes you slimmer – when you train with weights you are creating the greatest demand on your metabolism, setting up your body to continue burning fat for hours after your workout. This means weights are a great way to tone your body, lose weight and slim down. Don’t fear, if you’re eating a weight loss diet, you will not be able to get bulky!

You can diet without eliminating your favourite foods – many diet regimes fail because they’re too strict. They don’t allow for any leeway on the foods, or amounts of food, eaten. You can follow them for a little while, but eventually you crave certain foods, or you’re just stuck somewhere without healthy food to hand. At this point when you break the diet, you often go all out and binge because the diet has been so restrictive.

It’s possible to factor in a few of your favourite treats and still lose weight. You simply plan for it at the beginning and build them into the plan. Progress might be slower in the short-term, but you will be able to sustain the diet and get much better results in the medium to long-term.

You can get stronger and fitter at any age – it’s never too late to start working on your fitness. No matter your age, it is always possible to get stronger, fitter, and slimmer. Admittedly it might be easier when you’re younger, but it is very possible later in life. There’s always room for reinventing your health, and improving your strength and energy levels.

You can love working out – even if you’re not a gym bunny right now, you can fall in love with working out. You just need to find the right environment and style of workout for you. You don’t have to do boring aerobics workouts, you can try an exciting class or personal training workout to keep things interesting. When you fall in love with exercise, you will achieve the best results because it no longer feels like a chore to do your workouts.

Try Genesis Fitness’ Coaching Zone program. It’s small group personal training, with a range of training experiences to choose from.

You can become strong – no matter where you are starting from, with training you can get significantly stronger, increasing your confidence and wellbeing in a relatively short period of time. Many people will be surprised how much stronger they get after just a few months of training.

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