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Tips for Adding Running To Your Routine

Date: May 19, 2017    By: Genesis Fitness

Running is a great way to increase your overall activity level and lose weight. It’s easily accessible, free, and you need minimal equipment to get going. This all makes it easy access for anyone to add in to their routine.

Here are some tips for adding running in to your routine and getting the fitness and weight loss benefits that running can bring.

Join a running club or park run

Joining a club, or a weekend park run which happen in public parks all over the world every weekend is a great way to make running social. When it feels like an appointment with other people you are much more likely to put the time aside and ensure you attend.

The social aspect will make it generally more enjoyable and motivating than just going out on your own. Having other runners around you will push you to work a little bit harder and improve over time.

Set your kit out the night before

If you know you’re going to run tomorrow, get your kit out and set it by the door today. This means you can just grab it and go, no matter how much of a rush you are in.

You don’t want to have to make the decision of whether you feel motivated to go or not in the moment. Especially if it’s first thing in the morning, you’re groggy, and want to stay in bed.

Make the decision in advance, and then make the implementation as easy for yourself as possible.

Run to work

Rather than making running an event of its own, try using it as a mode of transport to get where you are going anyway. Running to and from work will ensure you get your run in, because you have to get to and from work, regardless.

You could do this anywhere – work is just a good option because you probably go there 5 times per week. You can run to collect the kids from school, for example. Do whatever works for your life situation.

Gamify it

Challenge yourself to improve. Whether than means running the same route a little faster, or running extra distance. You should have a small goal for improvement each week.

Ensure that it’s not monotonous by always pushing yourself to achieve a little bit more.

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