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Squat-a-thon is back in 2019!

Date: Sep 06, 2019    By: Genesis Fitness

The Genesis Squat-a-thon is back!

Beginning on Monday 9th September, the Squat-a-thon is a 2 week challenge to see which club can complete the most squats to win the ultimate prize of bragging rights as the national club winner.

To earn squats for your club, simply attend any group fitness class from September 9-22, and squat til you drop! The more members that join in, the higher your clubs tally of squats will be - so be sure to bring your friends for your clubs best chance of being crowned Squat-a-thon national winner for 2019.

It's not all friendly in the squat game though, there will also be a male and female winner in each club! Head into your favourite group fitness class, fill out your in-club tally board and go head to head with fellow members this squat-a-thon!

How many squats will you do?

Have a squat-loving friend you want on your team that isn't a Genesis member!? Bring them into the club with a 5-day free pass via the link below:



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