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Should I Add Supplements to Achieve My Fitness Goals?

Date: May 06, 2016    By: Genesis Fitness

This is a common question and the answer is somewhat annoying – it depends.

However, the answer is usually, no.

Supplements are just that – a supplement to an already healthy regime. They’re not magic pills that will replace good nutrition and consistent exercise. In fact, they’re less important than good quality sleep, stress management, hydration and a host of other things.

Supplements can help, but only when needed to supplement something that is missing. They are not a solution to not doing the basics right, and thinking a magic pill or shake will bring the results that you need.

Before you start taking any supplements, firstly;

Commit consistently to a healthy routine including diet, exercise, sleep and stress management for a period of time.

Then seek the help of a nutritionist, dietician or other professional to ensure that what you are doing is correct, and you actually need to take a supplement to help you achieve results.

They can be useful, but are far from necessary. People did just fine for a long time before we had pills and shakes to ‘supplement’ our health.

A focus on the time-tested basics is always going to be more effective than any supplement or fancy regime you can find. There is a reason the basics have remained for years and years – it’s because they work.


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