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The Role Strength Training Plays In Weight Loss

Date: Jan 22, 2018    By: Genesis Fitness

Strength training is very beneficial for weight loss for two main reasons.

Proper strength training will help increase your metabolic rate, and thus burn more calories. It also helps you maintain muscle mass while you are losing weight, so you lose body fat, rather than lean tissue.

When you are strength training you break down muscle tissue, that grows back a little bit stronger over the next couple of days. This rebuilding process requires energy and thus for about 48 hours after a strength training workout, your metabolic rate will be raised, as the body needs more energy and nutrients for recovery.

Of course, this means more calories are being burnt during this time.

Meanwhile, if you are dieting to lose weight; you’re going to be in a calorie deficit. That is essential for weight loss. Strength training gives the muscles the stimulus that they need to keep rebuilding and getting stronger, which ensures the weight you lose is mostly body fat, and not lean tissue.

You will lose weight by being in a calorie deficit – but to get leaner, and look good, we need to focus on losing only body fat, while holding on to our muscle tone. Strength training helps to do this

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