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Date: Nov 27, 2012    By: Genesis Fitness

Question: “I don’t get to sleep until late, and have to get up early most mornings. Will this affect my results from training?”
Most health-conscious people understand the importance of nutrition to reap best results from their training but most don’t realise that sleep can be a real x factor in terms of influencing results. No matter how healthy your lifestyle, not getting enough sleep not only impairs recovery, it may also ruin your attempts at fat loss.
Some research suggests that inadequate or poor quality sleep throws off the delicate hormonal control that regulates the appetite, eating patterns and metabolism. Sleep also appears essential to rejuvenating the central nervous system (CNS). Optimal CNS function is essential to performing your best in the gym.
The thing is, we’re not just talking about the party animals and the night owls…Many busy people suffer from chronic sleep deprivation – consistently not getting that quality sleep each night that causes significant dysfunctions in the hormonal cascade that leads to significant physiological changes in body composition.
Unfortunately, from a scientific point of view it is difficult to determine if you’re lacking sleep. However sleep experts recommend that if you’re constantly fighting fatigue and relying on stimulants to get you through the day then you probably need a few more Z’s at night.
Regardless of symptoms, can correct this problem easily by simply going to bed a half an hour earlier each night.
Another helpful hint for getting sleep that will boost your performance the following day is to eat a small, nutritious meal rich in protein an hour or so before bedtime.

Source: mp-body.com

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