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Learn to Train Around Your Menstrual Cycle

Date: Feb 28, 2019   

This one is for our female members. Learn to train around your menstrual cycle because you can accelerate your results and feel more in tune with what your body needs if you do this. A normal menstrual cycle can last anywhere from 28-35 days so start to track yours so you know where you are. Here are some tips on how to choose the best training depending on where you are in your cycle:

Week 1 of your cycle (your actual period)
During this time you need you to nurture your body and choose exercises that are of a lower intensity. Don’t forget things like yoga and Pilates on the group fitness timetable for a great recovery option. After the first couple of days of your period, you might actually start to feel like you can go harder and can start to move into the week 2 intensity.

Week 2
This is the best time for strength gains because this is when your testosterone is at its highest level, and no this doesn’t mean gaining massive amounts of muscle, it just means you will feel stronger and a real bad ass! Go heavier in your sessions in this week as you may find you can lift more than you think!

Week 3
You may start to notice slight changes to your energy, moods and ability to recover so you are better off doing lighter loads and shorter workouts.

Week 4
This is preparation time for your actual period so you may still be experiencing similar feelings to week 3. Again, listen to your body and show some self-compassion…this is not the time to push yourself hard - plenty of time for this later!

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