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The Importance of Maintaining Your Posture

Date: Nov 26, 2019    By: Genesis Fitness

Ever since we can remember all of us have always been told to stand up straight. “Don’t slouch!” we could often hear when we were younger. The same can be said for any time we were sitting down. If our back was bent and our shoulders were sagging while at our desk at school or at the kitchen table at home, we were bound to hear a reminder. We might not have always received much parental advice, but when it came to slouching, all of our parents had it covered.

However, with all of that said, we were never told really why we should maintain good posture. What exactly does having good posture mean to your body?


If you are slouching while standing, there is a very good chance it is affecting your balance. Instead of your weight being centered over your feet, it is being placed more on your toes. This can result in injuries like strained tendons and ligaments in your legs and ankles.

Plus, if your weight is balanced properly, you should be more coordinated on your feet. This could mean better performance in your sports of choice.

Avoid Unnecessary Back Pain

Slouching puts added pressure on your spine and the muscles in your back. If you have been noticing lower back pain, it might be because you have been slouching for years.

Less Strain on Neck and Upper Back

If your head constantly seems to be leaning forward and hanging low, it is putting a strain on not just your neck, but your upper back and even your shoulders. Joints and ligaments can be stressed from poor posture in ways that you may have never considered.

Luckily, by sticking to an exercise routine that is created to get your posture back to what it needs to be, you can fix all of these possible problems.

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