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How Your Sleep Is Impacting Your Workouts

Date: Dec 19, 2019   

It is perfectly normal to focus on time with our family, working responsibilities, eating the right food, having some down time and fitting training time in but this leaves little focus on something vital…..Sleep!

Long hours and a poor or irregular sleep routine can massively impact our health and wellbeing. We all know the feeling of being a bit cranky when not getting our full nights sleep, well so do our muscles.

Low on Energy?

Sleep not only lets you conserve energy, but it also allows you to build up your reserves. If you feel you have hit a wall in the gym and struggling through your workouts, it may be due to not getting enough sleep.

Rebuild and Repair

After a good workout, it is normal to be a little sore. But if your soreness does not seem to be going away even after a day or two, it could be due to a lack of sleep. Sleep allows your muscles to rebuild and repair and also brings down inflammation so you are up and ready to exercise the next day!

Increase Growth Hormone

Growth hormone increases cell reproduction, cell regeneration, and stimulates growth. Many people call growth hormone the fountain of youth as it helps to increase and maintain muscle mass and generally allows you to go through life in a more youthful manner. You can increase your own growth hormone naturally by getting enough sleep every night.

Less Sleep Equals Bigger Weight Gain

You may believe that if you are burning the candles on both ends, you are burning away more calories, too. But the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition determined less sleep equaled an increased intake of about 300 hundred calories per day because when you are exhausted from a lack of sleep, you are reaching for snacks in an effort to increase energy. Instead, it just makes you put on extra weight.

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